TD Advice

It’s not always easy to choose what kind of life insurance you should get — and that’s why I worked with TD to create a way to help customers see what’s right for them.
Designers: Sarah Saymour, Kaitlin English
Developers: Elisha Lai, Gord Mok
I created a design where the customer would have the option to fill in all their details, or if they weren’t really sure, they could quickly choose between three personas, each showing a different scenario. This way, they could see what others in their situation would be suggested.

On the other hand, if they did want a customized suggestion, my colleague Kaitlin and I worked on designing simple, clear iconography to make the process of filling out the form as easy and visual as possible.
The user is first presented with a general comparison of TD’s life insurance products, before choosing to fill out their own personal details. Users can also opt to choose from three ready-made personas, depending on which situation suits them best.
Throughout the design process, we conducted user testing and had many discussions about the best way to present the information — keeping it clear, simple, and factual were key goals of the project. Creating icons, illustrations, and an infographic-style layout helped achieve this goal.