UI/UX Design
Designing an image-based
persona builder for Sonnet Connect
For Sonnet Insurance’s new tool, I created a unique customer experience which builds profiles visually to show the customer personalized rewards, offers, and articles.
As lead designer on the project, I was responsible for visual design (and assuring brand standards were met), UI/UX design, selection of stock photography, front-end development (HTML and CSS, providing a base for the developers to work with), and animations. I also did some copywriting, as the client needed assistance in developing the landing page text and in forming the questions/answers in the checklists.
User flow diagram I created to capture the overall functionality of the tool
I mocked up dynamic image animations and selectors, which were implemented by my colleague Sehrish Khawja, and the logic code was developed by Elisha Lai.

Early concepts took a more illustrative take, and focused on a literal profile “building” tool.

The client preferred the more photographic concept, but it was fun to play around with these other concepts too.