Redesigning this retail domain website with the new Tucows branding, I ran into challenges due to limited engineering resources — only a selected number of pages could be redesigned. So, I created a hybrid style that allowed new pages to be redesigned without the older pages like cart and checkout looking out of place. On top of everything else, our timeline to build this website was about a month!
UX Research
Worked with product manager to better understand our users, current flow and ideal state for 4 key personas.
UI Design
Created a new/hybrid UI kit and styles relying on old font and colours. Designed 10+ pages, working with developer to QA and launch in extremely short timeline.
Created a hybrid style that uses “old” elements in unique ways to evoke the new branding without changing fonts, colours.
Redesign website to increase domain reseller sign ups
Lead Product Designer
UX/UI design, Visual design, Accessibility checks, Creating a new visual style & design system
supported by
Kiera Howe, deeveloper
Jess Brown, graphic designer
Tom Sims, project manager