UX Research, ui design, branding
OpenSRS Help Centre
Collaborating with the support team, I conducted several research activities to understand our users' needs. Using the Tucows Design System base, I created a new theme for the Help Centre and worked within the limitations of Zendesk to design a friendly, usable space for customers to find solutions to their problems.
UX Research
Conducted & presented a thorough landscape review, led a co-design workshop with the support team, analyzed data with affinity mapping and created user flows.
UI Design
Creating a full suite of UI elements (tables, tabs, accordians, notes, etc) to use within help articles and sections.
Extended the existing colour palettes into a light theme, with tints and shades more appropriate for UI work.
Redesigning the Zendesk based Help Centre as part of a company-wide goal of reducing number of phone calls to the support team
Lead Product Designer
Design Researcher
1 month
supported by
Fernan Kalaw, customer support VP
Tommy Ward, support content lead
Kiera Howe, developer
Building on top of the Tucows design system to create a Help Centre UI Kit
From colours to typographic treatments, everything has been revisited from the perspective of a Tucows customer looking for help. Light colours make the experience friendlier, while pulling main hues from each of the Tucows brands helps keep the help centre cohesive, no matter which brand they are coming from.
Cards, tables, lists & more!
One of the components with variants from the Help Centre UI Kit — containing icon instances and nested components, making it super versatile for the different ways we needed to display lists of article links throughout the site.
UX DESIGN Research
Co-design workshop
Excerpts from the workshop I led with participants from the Support team, to gather insights on pain points & goals, understand the scope of the project, and key challenges.
Workshop I
Workshop I
I asked participants from the support and marketing teams to identify pain points and needs in the current help centre
Workshop II
Workshop II
Participants chose one of several screens I prepared and added notes, stickers, etc. about both design and functionality desires
Affinity mapping
Affinity mapping
Exploring key areas of focus in the workshop data
Landscape review
Landscape review
Presented and walked the group through 4 competitor examples of help centres to get everyone on the same page on what we are looking for in the workshop
UX DESIGN Research
User flows
User interviews and information from customer advisors helped me in creating a general user flow model, as well as specific ones for newly signed up customers & current domain resellers.
Designs for home, category, section and article pages.